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Dr. Kendra A. King recently wrote African-American Politics, and has been quoted and written about in numerous articles.

The Book

African-American Politics is a cutting-edge introduction to the political successes, failures, and persistent challenges of African-American political participation in the United States. Exploring both historic and present day political phenomena, the book draws on a wide range of sources, including U.S. Census data, Gallup Polls, landmark court opinions, speeches and first-hand interviews to provide the reader with a comprehensive and up-to-the-minute analysis of what often appear to be "irreconcilable differences" between the American political system and one of its most historically subjugated constituency groups.

Amongst the key topics covered are:
  • symbolic versus substantive politics
  • the impact of race on socio-economic status
  • the post -Civil Rights leadership vacuum
  • the rise of Black Conservatism and "New Black Politics"
  • the political significance of Black Mega-Churches
  • the emergence of "Hip Hop" as an alternative political voice
  • the future of African - American Politics
This book will be essential reading for students of American and minority politics, African - American studies and related disciplines. It will serve as a catalyst for dialogue for anyone interested in the role of African Americans in contemporary US political life.

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Articles and Other Press

Young Black Professionals Article Dr. Kendra A. King: The Age of Possibilities
Young Black Professionals, April 22, 2010

At 26, Dr. Kendra A. King was was shopping her dissertation around, trying to make a book out of her research on Boston’s community education — the very same work that helped her earn a doctorate at such a young age.She was rejected more than 40 times. Read entire article.

Politic365 Article Author, Professor: Hip Hop has a Growing Influence on Politics
Politic365, April 20, 2010

There is one thing that Dr. Kendra A. King is certain about when it comes to the influence of hip-hop: it definitely packs a political punch. “Clearly, hip-hop played a very determining role in the election of Barack Obama,” King said in a recent, exclusive interview with Politic365. Read entire article.

LA Times Article The Week's Mayoral Elections in Atlanta and Houston...
Los Angeles Times, November 5, 2009

Dr. Kendra A. King was quoted in this article regarding City Councilwoman Mary Norwood's campaigning practices. Read entire article.

The Christian Science MonitorArticle Atlanta Mayoral Race 2009 Results are Murky on Race in Politics
The Christian Science Monitor, November 4, 2009

Dr. Kendra A. King was quoted in this article regarding the role of race in the 2009 Mayoral election. Read entire article.

WSBTV Article POLL: Norwood Leads Race for Mayor’s Office
WSBTV, September 4, 2009

Dr. Kendra A. King was quoted in this article for her remarks on Atlanta’s political landscape. Read entire article.

Politcal Remix Article A Political Remix
Colby Magazine, Winter 2009

Oglethorpe University in Atlanta is listed on Georgia’s Registry of Historic Places, and its Crypt of Civilization, a time-capsule record of what life was like on Earth in the 1930s, is part of the institution’s identity. But, if the university gives an initial impression of being locked in time, Associate Professor of Politics Kendra King ’94 shatters that façade. Read entire article.

Classical HS Article Distinguished Alum Honoree
Classical High School Alumni Association, 2008

On Wednesday, April 30, at the Providence Marriott, Classical High School honored six outstanding Classical graduates at the Distinguished Alumni Awards. Read entire article.

Big Sisters Article The Very Essence of Little Moments, Big Magic, Huge Impact
Big Sisters of Rhode Island, 2007

Dr. Kendra King, a former Little Sister, was a keynote speaker at Big Sisters’ 40th Anniversary Gala celebrated on Saturday, November 10, 2007 at the Westin Hotel in Providence. Her Big Sister and her were matched for 7 years. Read entire article.

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