"Dr. Kendra A. King is a sought-after political thinker and commentator."
Dr. King
Dr. Kendra A. King is a sought-after political thinker and commentator on political and spiritual leadership, Hip Hop politics and culture, African-American politics, the Black church, and leadership training and development.

She is an Associate Professor of Politics at Oglethorpe University and the Director of the Rich Foundation Urban Program. She instructs both undergraduate and graduate courses on American Politics, Political Theory, African-American Politics, and Urban Politics. Dr King’s newest course, The Politics of Hip Hop, is generating plenty of buzz on and off campus. It’s being taught in Oglethorpe’s evening degree program, which is geared toward working adults who wish to complete their undergraduate education on an accelerated schedule in a real campus setting.

Dr. King was born in a housing project in Providence, Rhode Island. Upon graduating from Classical High School, she attended Colby College in Waterville, Maine. At age 26, she earned her Ph.D. in Political Science as well as a certificate degree in Political Psychology from The Ohio State University. Upon graduation, she became a joint assistant professor of political science and African-American studies at The University of Georgia.

Dr . King is the author of African American Politics. A cutting-edge introduction to the political successes and persistent challenges of African - American political participation in the United States. In 2009, Dr. King published two book chapters: "Let's Get It Started" in Service-Learning With Government Partners (Jossey-Bass Publishing Company, 2009) and For Us, By Us: Marginalized Groups Need To Take Back Hip Hop for the book, Justice in America (Kendall-Hunt Publishing, 2009). Additionally, she has written a host of articles for conferences and publication.

She is also a very passionate and grounded public speaker. In 2008, she was praised for her ability to, “add insight, vision, and wisdom as well as hold her own,” as the only female voice on the 2008, “Watch This” Election Panel which included the Honorable Andrew Young, Congressman Hank Johnson, and Bishop Eddie L. Long. The event was hosted by CNN. She has also been a guest speaker for Providence Public School Teachers and The White House Project, among other organizations. She has participated in a number of national conferences as a panelist or guest lecturer presenting research on community building and development on race, gender and/or politics.

In addition to professional work, Dr. King devotes time to community service. Most notably, she was appointed as the Director of the Rich Foundation Urban Leadership Program, an umbrella organization on the Oglethorpe University campus which helps to attract, maintain and develop leaders. She has served as faculty advisor and mentor to several campus-wide organizations and students. She has served as a member of the Faculty Council and the Academic Program Committee in service to her colleagues.

In 2008, Dr. King was both an honoree and the keynote speaker at Big Sisters of Rhode Island’s 40th Anniversary “40 Magical Women We Admire” Gala. In April of that same year, she was also honored by the Classical High School Alumni Association and inducted into its Alumni Hall of Fame.